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Four Famous Joiners And Carpenters

Everyone knows a joiner or carpenter, they seem to be everywhere. Since the dawn of time joiners and carpenters have been hitting nails, cutting wood and excessively swearing whilst trying to build wooden works of art. Below are four famous people who you didn't know used to be joiners.

Ole Kirk Christiansen

You may or may not have heard the name Ole Kirk Christiansen before but one thing's for sure, you'd of certainly used one of the products he created. Ole Kirk Christiansen become a joiner and started making wooden toys in 1932 after he lost his job due to the great depression. His children loved the toys he made so he put them into production. However, in 1942 a fire broke out in his workshop destroying all his toys and forcing him to start again. Initially he made smaller versions of houses and furniture from his local community, but in 1947 he moved to using plastics to make his toys. By 1949 he had made 200 plastic toys and was on his way to making his company one of the most successful toy businesses ever. You may of heard of his company ... it's called Lego.

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman is an American actor who is widely known for his breakout role as Ron Swanson in the acclaimed NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, however, you might not know that he has a fairly successful side hustle. In addition to acting, Offerman is also a professional boat builder and has a side business as a wood craftsman. Offerman also has been known to make furniture and other wooden structures such as canoes and boats at his woodshop.

Jesus Christ

We couldn't make a list about joiners and carpenters without including Jesus. Whether you believe he was real or not, there's no denying that he would of been a pretty good joiner and carpenter.

Harrison Ford

Yeah heard me, Hans Solo used to be a joiner! At the beginning of his acting career and after a string of disappointing roles, Ford became a self-taught professional carpenter to support his then-wife and two young sons. During this time the young Ford secured an audition with George Lucas for the role of Bob Falfa, which Ford went on to play in the 1973 film American Graffiti . After director Francis Ford Coppola's film The Godfather was a success, he hired Ford as a joiner to expand his office and also gave him small roles in his next two films, The Conversation and the legendary Apocalypse Now. His performance in the two films helped him secure his biggest role as Hans Solo in a franchise you may have heard of ... Star Wars.

So there we go, some famous people who came from the trades. If you want to find out about more famous people who used to be a joiner or carpenter, here's a link to get you started.

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