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Five Types Of Woodworking Joints

There are numerous woodworking joints that a carpenter can use to join two pieces of wood, however, some are not as strong as others. Below we'll talk about five of the most popular joints and tell you which one is the strongest.

1. Butt Joint

This is the simplest joint. Simply put two ends of wood together and then glue them together, however, this is the weakest form of a joint and can be broken by pulling the wood apart with your bare hands.

2. Lap Joint The end of the piece of wood is simply laid over and connected to another piece of wood. This is the next weakest joint and can easily be pulled apart.

3. Bridle Joint

Also known as open tenon, open mortise and tenon, or tongue and fork joints. To create a bridle joint you simply cut a tenon in one piece of wood and a mortise into the other piece to accept it. Bridle joints are typically used to join rafter joints and sometimes sill corner joints in timber framing.

4. Mortise and tenon

The Mortise and tenon is one of the oldest known joints and can be seen in Mission Style Furniture, door frames, windows and cabinets. It's typically seen as one of the strongest joints a carpenter can use.

5. Dove Tail

Just like the Mortise and tenon joint, the Dove Tail joint is one of the strongest joints in a carpenters arsenal. It consist of 'fingers' being locked together by diagonal cuts and has been used for centuries.

So there we have it, five types of woodworking joints that carpenters use to join wood together. Which one have you used or which one do you think looks the best? Comment below and tell us.

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