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Five Of The Strangest Tools

A joiners tool box is full of helpful tools, Hammers, Screwdrivers and much more. However, none of these look as strange as the following tools. So grab yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable because here are 'Five of the strangest tools ever máde'

No.1 - Crain 812 Super Saw

Resembling a cross between a megaphone and a circular saw, this crazy looking power tool is used to undercut skirting boards and doors to install new flooring. If you're someone who's had the pleasure of laying flooring, you know what a difficult task this can be without a specialised tool. If you're not one of these guys, well, then this thing just looks dangerous.

No.2 - Arbortech Power Chisel

Is it a grinder, an electric screwdriver or even a automatic spoon? If you guessed any of these ... you're wrong. it is actually a power chisel! Who knew one of the oldest ever made tools could get a technological upgrade.

Joinery Tool

No.3 - Stanley #1 Odd Jobs

The American tool maker Stanley produced this all-in-one tool between 1888 and the 1930s. It might look like a directional arrow from a street sign but it was originally advertised as 10 tools in one (including level, depth gauge, try square, and compass). There are a few companies that make replicas, but originals can still be found on eBay for a couple hundred pounds.

No.4 - Timber Scribe

What does a Sharpies and a Timber Scribe have in common? ... They both are used to write numbers. Back in the 18th-century, during the heyday of timber framing, builders would use a Timber scribe to number beam ends for layout purposes, for example, 'end A' into 'slot B'. If you ever see roman numerals in old timber frames, it's a good chance this tool was used to make them

No.5 - Tailpipe Cutter

This is, essentially, a combination between a chain wrench and a pipe cutter. Wrap its chain around the pipe and lock it. Make a couple of turns to allow its pipe cutting wheels to sever the excess length of metal nice and neatly.

So there we have it, five of the strangest looking tools ever made. If you have seen any tools which you think should be on the list, send JMA Joinery & Building Services a message on Facebook and you never know it might be included in a future blog post.

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