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7 Things You Didn't Know That Could Be Made Out Of Wood

Wood is one of the most versatile materials known to man, however, I bet you didn't know you could make these everyday items out of wood. So grab yourself a coffee and check out these 7 things you didn't know that could be made out of wood.

1. A Wooden Bike

wooden bike

Pros - Looks trendy, it's probably light and it could easily float if it accidentally fell into a river on the way home from the pub.

Cons - Susceptible to wood worm, fire and would be hard to find replacement parts. Also could give you splinters in places you don't want splinters.

2. A Wooden iPhone Case

Pros - Looks trendy, Hipsters 'wood' love this for Christmas and it could be argued that it's good for the environment. (Buy yours here)

Cons - Cost more than the average phone case, susceptible to water damage and

it could be argued that it's not good for the environment.

3. A Wooden Football

Pros - Looks good, goal keeper would think twice about saving a shot and it would never pop. (Buy yours here)

Cons - Would get dirty easy, it's fairly small (12cm by 12cm) and you'd probably break your foot if you kicked it.

4. A Wooden Keyboard & Mouse

Pros - Another tech item Hipsters 'wood' love, you could also make replacement keys at home and finally, you have less chance to break it when you rage quit Fortnite and throw your keyboard at the wall. (Buy yours here)

Cons - Increased risk of blisters and could set on fire if you're typing too fast.

5. A Wooden Bath

Pros - Looks luxurious, could be built to any size and could double up as a boat if your house was flooded. (Buy yours here)

Cons - Just like most of the wooden items on our list ... you could get splinters in places you don't want to get splinters.

6. A Wooden Bear Rug

Pros - Saves a Bears life, easy to clean and is certainly a conversation piece. (Buy your here)

Cons - Not very comfortable to lay on, hard to roll up and put in storage ... people might think you're crazy for having it.

7. A Wooden Vespa

Pros - It's a Vespa ... it looks gorgeous and it'll certainly turn a few heads. (Find out more here)

Cons - If the frame breaks ... you're buggered. Also, susceptible to bursting into flames if engine over heats.

So there we go, 7 things you didn't know that could be made out of wood. Which one was your favourite?

If you want a custom item making out of wood, contact us today and make your dream a reality.

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