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Clever Ways To Use The Space Under Your Stairs.

Ways to utilise under the stairs space

The extra space under you stairs is traditionally used for storing clutter. This can be either old pots of paint, your ironing board or even your lawnmower. In today's blog I will be give you a few examples of how you can better utilise this the space under your stairs.

Under the stairs desk

Office Space

Most spaces under the stairs are the perfect size for an office desk. Placing a desk there helps reduce the footprint your office desk has on your living room or bedroom. However, if your under the stairs space is like mine then your working area could get a little noisy as it's located in an area which gets a lot of footfall ... next to the kitchen.

Under the stair dog bed

Relaxation Area

One of the issues main problems with the under-stair space is that due to the sloping

ceiling it is difficult to stand up,

This makes its use as a living space limited. However, maybe you need to look at the problem from a different angle ... maybe say laying down. How about putting a seating area under the stairs, combined with a few pillows and maybe even a book shelf. This gives the perfect relaxation space with a peaceful afternoon reading (or sleeping) being the goal.

Dog Bed

Being forced to live under the stairs would be a bit 'woof' ... just ask Harry Potter. However, the same might not be said if you was a dog. If your under the stairs area is open, just install a bit of plaster board and plaster, cut a hole so your dog can get in and then finally install a dog bed. Furthermore, if you wanted to really spoil your four legged friend, why not put some curtains on the front to create the perfect sleeping area for you dog.

Bespoke Storage

As previously mentioned, a lot of people use their under the stairs area as a

dumping ground. However, there is a way to make the area more interesting and useful. Tailor made storage solutions are becoming a big thing in the world of home design, especially when thinking about the underside of the stairs. Whether it be a set of draws, bookshelves or even a posh wine rack, getting creative with the storage under the stairs will not only give you a place to store your things but even show them off to visitors.

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