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We carefully measured the window opening to ensure the new window would fit properly.
After removing the old window, we cleaned the opening and repaired any damaged areas or rot.
Fitting the Window:
We applied a bead of silicone caulking around the perimeter of the window opening to create a weatherproof seal.

With precision, we lifted the wooden window into the opening, ensuring it was centred and level.
Using shims, we adjusted the window as needed to ensure it was plumb and square within the opening.
After ensuring proper alignment, we checked the operation of the window to confirm it opened and closed smoothly.

window fitting cleethorpes

Once the window was properly positioned, we secured it in place by driving screws through the frame and into the surrounding wall studs.
We used corrosion-resistant screws to prevent rust and ensure long-term stability.
To improve energy efficiency and prevent drafts, we filled any gaps between the window frame and the opening with expanding foam insulation.

Seal and Finish:
We applied a bead of exterior-grade silicone caulking around the outside of the window frame to seal any gaps and prevent water infiltration.
Using wood putty, we filled any nail holes or imperfections in the window frame.

window fitting fitties

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